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Carbyne Motorsport is a group of car enthusiasts focused on one simple idea – quality behind everything we do. We’ve turned our passion into our work and now our shop is a hub for the top vehicle customization services in Glendale. Those who want the best choose us.

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About Us

Flawless and professional on every job we do.

The difference between an amateur or professional car customization is like night and day. At Carbyne Motorsport, we’re certainly the latter. Our artistic finesse and attention to detail show, from perfectly-installed clear bras to graphic wraps that draw stares wherever they go.

Based in Glendale and serving the surrounding area, our goal is to be more than just another customization provider – we want Carbyne Motorsport to be the name you trust for making your car look amazing. We’ll embrace your particular aesthetic and use our unparalleled experience and talent to transform your ideas into a fully-realized appearance.

We could talk all day about who we are and what we do, but we’d rather let our work show off our abilities. Drop by our Glendale shop to see the Carbyne Motorsport team in action or call 818-484-8440 to discuss the specifics of your project.

Our Services

Protect Your Investment

Paint protection and customization services for those who value their vehicle – check out your options below:

Special cars deserve special protection!

From the bottom of your bumper to the top of the roof, your vehicle is exposed to potential damage every second it’s on the road. While there’s no avoiding every possibility out there, Carbyne Motorsport does have a great solution for protecting against unwanted chips, abrasions, and other blemishes in high quality paint jobs – a clear bra.

A clear bra is essentially a super-thin, urethane laminate film that is directly applied to your car’s painted surfaces and can come in matte, high gloss, or other versions. When applied correctly, this film seemingly disappears, leaving a virtually invisible layer of protection. For clear bras in Glendale, Carbyne Motorsport recommends either self-healing XPEL or SunTek Ultra products, which come with a guaranteed 10-year warranty.

At our local Glendale facility, an experienced team will apply the XPEL or SunTek Ultra clear bra of your choice using our signature attention to detail. Starting with a computer-drafted pattern and continuing with custom cutting where needed, Carbyne Motorsport will thoroughly go over every square inch to make sure your vehicle is completely covered and no air bubbles or other imperfections remain. When your car leaves our shop, it’ll look great and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuable vehicle is protected.

Have questions about clear bras and how they can help? Give Carbyne Motorsport in Glendale a call at 818-484-8440 and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.



Clear Bra Packages

Partial paint protection package

Partial Paint Protection Packge will include an area of:

  • 1/3 Hood
  • 1/3 Fenders
  • Full Bumper
  • Full Side Mirrors

Full Front Paint Protection film package

Full front Paint Protection Film Package wil include an area of:

  • Full Hood
  • Full Fenders
  • Full Bumper
  • Full Side Mirrors

Full Vehicle Paint Protection Package

Full Vehicle Paint Protection Package will include any painted area on the vehicle.

Stealth Paint Protection Film on a Matte car

In addition to clear bras, Carbyne Motorsport is also proud to offer Stealth Paint Protection Film as another option to dynamically protect your vehicle. The advantage that this film brings to the table is how it interacts with different types of paint jobs.

If your car already has a matte finish, our Stealth Paint Protection Film is the perfect choice to keep that custom matte look. When applied, it disappears into the background, providing protection without being visible, which is exactly what you want. There’s a good chance you paid high dollar for your matte finish and what Stealth Paint Protection Film does is add protection without changing the luster or texture.

Stealth Paint Protection Film on a Gloss car

On the other hand, Stealth Paint Protection Film applied to a glossy finish has a very different effect. Instead of adding a layer of transparency as with matte cars, this film creates a sleek, satin look that is the perfect hybrid of matte and glossy. Stealth Paint Protection Film is a great option to try out a new style without a costly investment.

Where others see stock, we see a blank canvas!

Like our Glendale clients, Carbyne Motorsport is obsessed with vehicle aesthetics and our customization services are designed to help you get the look you want delivered by professionals at a fair price. No matter the size of your project, our experienced team will complete a flawless install that truly brings your vision to life.

Vinyl Wraps

Changing color is one of the most common aesthetic changes you can make, but going for a complete paint job can be both costly and reduce the resale value of your car. Carbyne Motorsport vinyl wraps are a great way to try on a new look without the considerable expense of a paint job. At our Glendale shop, we have a wide variety of models to choose from and our technicians have years of experience installing vinyl wraps, roof wraps, and blackout packages for individual customers and corporate clients. For the best possible results, we also add a full detail and clay bar treatment to every vinyl wrap installed.

The cost savings may be the most obvious advantage of a vinyl wrap in Glendale, but it also comes with a few hidden benefits as well. Because a wrap covers your existing paint, it adds a layer of protection against small stones, insects, and other potential problems, thus increasing the life (and value) of your vehicle’s paint. In addition, all Carbyne Motorsport vinyl wraps are completely reversible, meaning they can be removed without causing damage and are a great choice for leased vehicles

At Carbyne Motorsport, we use only the highest quality vinyl wraps and stock models from 3M, Avery, Oracle, Vivid, and other top end producers. In keeping a large inventory of wraps (and having access to even more through distributors), we’re able to deliver unique looks, including matte, gloss, satin, chrome, textured, and even chameleon.

Powder Coating

If you already have a clear idea about how your car should look, Carbyne Motorsport is proud to offer professional services to get that unmistakable firmness and smoothness that only powder coating can bring. Starting with a full sandblast and finishing with a heat curing process, your Glendale powder coat will look amazing for years to come.

Carbyne Motorsport is a full powder coating provider, which means we’re not limited to cars or other vehicles. Our high quality coating can be applied to nearly any metal piece, from furniture and bike frames to fences and disassembled gun parts.

To check out our vast selection of vinyl wraps or learn more about our powder coating process, simply stop by the Carbyne Motorsport shop in Glendale or give us a call at 818-484-8440.

While most people think of window tinting as just a cool effect, Carbyne Motorsport window tinting does more than look good – it has a full range of extra advantages. For starters, less sunlight is able to reach your car’s interior, which means it keeps a factory appearance without fading. In addition, window tinting in Glendale can also prevent injuries due to shattering glass. As if that wasn’t enough, tinting does even more:

  • Keeps your car’s interior cooler during hot weather
  • Enhances visibility while driving
  • UV protection

At our Glendale shop, Carbyne Motorsport is ready to deliver the exact degree of tint you want from Limo (5%) to Nano-Ceramic (100%). Call us at 818-484-8440. to schedule your window tinting appointment.

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